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Lift tables and pallet positioners

Industrial-strength lift tables

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hydraulic lift table

Hydraulic lift tables

Safely lift up to 3000 kg — various platform sizes available.

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ultra low profile lo lift table

Ultra low profile Lo Lift (no pit required)

Safely lift up to 1000 kg on a 1300 x 1300 mm (L x W) platform — various sizes available.

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Pallet positioners

Spring loaded pallet positioners (Palifts)

Mobile Palift

Turntable Palift

Safely lift up to 2000 kg on a 1100 mm diameter platform — mobile palift option available.

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Square Top Lift table

Square Top Palift

Safely lift up to 2000 kg on a 1046 x 1060 mm (L x W) platform.

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