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Quality castors

General castor range

Specialised castor range

Powder-coated, corrosion-free stainless steel, temperature-resistant and self-aligning castors.

Decorative and furniture castor range

Ranging from stylish castors for furniture to castors for beds and office chairs/equipment.

Medical castor range

Ranging from electronic braking castors and central locking castors for hospital beds, to lightweight castors for wheelchairs.

Castor fittings, spares, accessories and castor selection information

Choose from a massive range including axles, nuts, bolts, spacers, bearings, bushes, thread guards, plates, buffers, fittings for bolt hole castors, pintle bolts with threaded tube ends, fittings, grip-neck pintles, and grip-neck pintle adapters, spares for pneumatic and general wheels.