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Container skates

Move heavy containers with ease

drum handling


  • Container skates are easy and convenient to use, they can manoeuvre a container into a position where a forklift can't go.

  • They are ideal for ISO container transport.

  • The double roller design results in easy steering due to reduced friction forces.

  • Interlocking and force fit between the roller skates and the container.

  • Twist locks are used on the front and back to lock and secure the container onto the skate system.



Product code


Deck height

155 mm


Can be turned to a maximum of 45 degrees left or right.

Turning circle

20' container, radius of turning circle is 6 m

40' container, radius of turning circle is 10 m


ISO containers


Nylon (smooth and easy run on concrete floors.)


Polyurethane wheels


drum handling

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