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Custom manufactured gravity conveyor rollers

Custom-made to suit your application

Custom manufactured conveyor frames, rollers and supports

We can supply gravity conveyor frames manufactured at 1500 mm long in standard widths of 305, 460 or 610 mm. We can also manufacture conveyor frames, rollers and supports to suit your criteria.

Conveyor rollers can be manufactured in various diameters and lengths with a variety of shaft configurations. Speak to our technical team to obtain pricing on your requirements.

Conveyor roller dimensions

Measurements required for custom orders

Inside frame (ISF)

________ mm

Over bearing (L)

________ mm

Over axle (L1)

________ mm

Shaft diameter (D)

________ mm

Roller diameter (D1)

________ mm

Gravity conveyor packages available

We have various conveyor packages available to suit your application. Browse the options or contact us for more information.

Conveyor packages


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