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Hand trucks & appliance trolleys

Multi-purpose hand trucks

Using a hand truck or appliance trolley for moving heavy goods/items is highly beneficial for the user, as it reduces the risk of injury caused by manually lifting and carrying awkward heavy loads.

Browse our range of hand trucks for one that is right for your application.

Features across the range

  • 220-300 kg load capacity.

  • Powder-coated finish.

  • Heavy duty construction.

Box 'N' Bag hand truck/appliance trolley

Box 'N' Bag™ hand truck

HTBNB: 300 kg capacity

Suitable for transporting heavy loads of boxed and bagged products.

All Rounder hand truck/appliance trolley

All Rounder™ hand truck

HTAR: 300 kg capacity

Suitable for moving heavy drums, barrels, tubs, gas cylinders, garden ornaments, truck parts, paint cans, appliances and larged boxed goods.

Super Mover hand truck/appliance trolley

Super Mover™ hand truck

HTSP: 300 kg capacity

Suitable for moving big refrigerators, freezers, machinery (such as ATMs and game machines), tyres, large hot water cylinders, heavy gas cylinders, furniture.

Refrigerator hand truck/appliance trolley

Refrigerator hand truck with dolly wheels

HTAP: 220 kg capacity

Suitable for moving heavy and large objects such as fridges and cabinets.

Carton trolley hand truck/appliance trolley

Carton trolley hand truck with extra wide baseplate

TSHTSB: 300 kg capacity

Suitable for moving beverage cartons and wide boxed loads.

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