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Powered mobile scissor lifts


Battery powered scissor lift tables

Lift up to 450 kg with our range of battery-powered mobile scissor lift trolleys—with single scissor or double scissor lift—for a variety of applications.

Typical applications

  • Factories and warehouses.

  • Hospitals and medical clinics.

  • Libraries and archival areas.

  • Veterinary clinics.

SLB100 powered scissor lift

SLB100: Powered scissor lift table

100 kg lifting capacity.


SLB250 powered scissor lift

SLB250: Powered scissor lift table

250 kg lifting capacity.


No more manual lifting

Our range of Powered Mobile Scissor Lifts are highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate, designed to take the manual strain away and make your work easier and safer.

With push-button control, you can easily adjust the lift to the perfect height for any job. And, with a high duty cycle and rechargeable battery, you can trust that your lift will be ready to go whenever you need it.

Australian made

Our mobile powered scissor lifts are made in Australia and come powder-coated for a quality finish that will last for years to come. Plus, they are ideal for a variety of settings including offices, factories, vets, and medical clinics.

Clean, quiet and powered lifting

And, for applications where hydraulic contaminants cannot be tolerated, our mobile powered scissor lifts are the perfect solution. With a clean, electric-powered system, you can trust that our lifts will get the job done without leaving any mess behind.

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