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Industrial Binlifters


Safer waste management

Tipping wheelie bins into skip bins is a routine practice for most businesses. For over 17 years, Liftmaster has been manufacturing bin

tipping devices in Australia for with the aim of making handling wheelie bins safe for people in the workforce. Now we have an even bigger range of bin lifters designed for tipping bins of varying sizes and weights. A Liftmaster bin lifter will make life easier AND safer for you and your staff.



For bins weighing no more than 30Kg, tipping around two times per day.  Typically used for homes and small offices.

Rugged (Manual)

For bins weighing between 50 - 100Kg, tipping around ten times per day. Typically for construction sites, industrial and commercial work sites.

Rugged (Powered)

For bins weighing between 50 - 100Kg, tipping around ten times per day.  Typically for construction sites, hotels and apartment complexes.


For bins weighing between 30 - 50Kg, tipping around five times per day.  Typically for schools, restaurants, shops and small businesses.

Simplicity Plus

For bins weighing between 100 - 150Kg, tipping frequently.  Typically for functions, event centres, schools, fesitvals and worksites.


For bins weighing between 150 - 250Kg, tipping frequently.  Typically for supermarkets, caravan parks, schools and large factories or warehouses.





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